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Team Tracks

BNSF recognizes that situations arise where direct rail service is not always available and team tracks make the most sense. This type of service offers BNSF-owned track that is designated for shared customer use. Customers can perform loading or unloading on these tracks if shipments and parties meet certain requirements.

What is Required?

To access BNSF property, an executed Right of Entry and Use Agreement must be in place with applicable insurance coverage. The party executing the agreement will be responsible for providing the insurance. Please note, certain commodities are prohibited, there are annual volume limits, and oversized shipments require special clearance.

To review additional information on use of non-industry rail service, use the following links:

Note: Approval is granted for a specific site. Project-based requests must be evaluated and approved for every move.

What Other Options are Available?

Customers can also use one of BNSF's Premier Transloaders at select locations.

If you have plans to ship more than 52 cars per year, a track lease may be better suited to your needs. Find out more by contacting our Economic Development department.

How do I Get Started?

In order to provide a safe solution that works best for you and your operations, we need to collect some information about your shipment(s). To start the process of requesting a team tracks loading/unloading site, submit a Team Tracks Request.

Contact Team Tracks if you have more questions.