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Carbon Estimator

By hauling shipments by train instead of long-haul trucking, BNSF customers significantly reduce their carbon footprints. A singe double-stack intermodal train removes several hundred long-haul freight trucks from the highway.

In 2018 alone, our customers reduced their total carbon emissions by 35.4 million metric tons. This is equal to:

  • Removing the resultant emissions of more than 7.5 million vehicles annually
  • Avoiding carbon dioxide emissions associated with 4 billion gallons of gasoline consumed
  • Conserving the carbon dioxide emissions associated with energy use in nearly 4.2 million homes
  • Sequestering the same amount of carbon annually as more than 41.6 million acres of U.S. forests

To increase the understanding of how shipping your products by rail versus long-haul trucking can have a positive impact on the environment, we created a Carbon Estimator Tool.

This tool provides an estimate of a company’s transportation carbon footprint for its BNSF rail shipments. Shippers can enter BNSF shipment numbers, or specific lane comparisons, and compare their carbon footprint size to what it would be if they shipped by truck only.